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Simple Ways to FEEL GOOD BEFORE You Go to BED


Ahh … you climb into bed (fresh sheets and all), and then your late-night anxiety kicks in. Whether it’s from doomscrolling and seeing a photo or account that put you in a mood or a flashback to a cringy moment you can’t get over—either way, your bedtime bliss is now majorly interrupted. It’s frustrating, we know—we’ve all been there (maybe more often than we’d like to admit). The good news is that with the right set of relaxing tools, you can re-enter your happy (head) space if you put your mind to it. Ahead, we’re sharing five ways to feel good before falling asleep, so be sure to make a mental note for the next time your evening emotions take a turn.


Meaningful mantras
Keep a note on your phone or a saved folder on Instagram with mantras or quotes that are meaningful to you. It can be something as simple as “this too shall pass” or “what’s meant to be will be.” Have a handful on deck for different things that might trigger you, like if you saw an ex on IG or if you’re missing your family—both situations call for different mantras to lift your nighttime spirits.


Make a bedtime playlist
Instead of watching TV while you fall asleep, tune into relaxing meditation tracks. Life coach Ryan Haddon graciously shared a wonderful playlist if you need a place to start. Heart your favorites so you can easily go back to them and have something to look forward to if you’re feeling bummed at the end of the night.


Visualization (sleep) station
The mind is incredibly powerful, and oftentimes we mindfuck ourselves into overthinking and dwelling on situations that haven’t even happened. Hence unnecessary yet heightened anxiety that can keep you up at night. If you feel a spiraling episode approaching, calm your mind down through visualization. Essentially daydream about your happy place—it can be anything from a favorite vacation memory to picturing your future life six months from now or even a calming environment like a moment by the beach visualizing the waves. By using mental imagery, you’ll be able to relax and distract your mind from whatever was bothering you.


Grab your gratitude journal
Keep your five-minute journal by your bedside so you can reread what you’re grateful for. This is an easy way to boost your mood and think positively before you doze off.


Plan your morning
We’re all for starting your morning with reserved “me” time to set the tone for a productive day. If you’re having a really tough night and need even more to look forward to, plan an activity for first thing in the a.m. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and either go on a walk to pick up your favorite smoothie or matcha, Facetime a friend or family member while you’re strolling around the neighborhood, or sign up for a workout class you haven’t been to in a while. You’ll not only begin your day with a little exercise but you’ll also feel good about doing something special for yourself.


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