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SEXTING ETIQUETTE: The dos and Don’ts

Sexting is nothing new. Its very existence goes back to the Paleolithic period, which left behind erotic cave paintings all around the world. Technically there are no rules in the sexting game so it can make it very intriguing for people to engage in when they’re in the mood or want attention from their significant other.

While, yes, there are no set “rules,” we thought it would be helpful to set some guidelines for the thrilling behavior (especially for newbies). Ultimately, it comes down to what you and the person you’re sexting feel comfortable with. This list should be used as a loose playbook to ensure things don’t get out of hand or as inspiration to kick off your first sexting relationship (if that’s what you’re looking for, of course). Read on for our sexting etiquette.


Develop trust with the person first
When sexting, trust is vital between the two of you …

Ask for consent to send any risqué photos 
Before sending any photos, make sure they are OK with receiving them.

Keep it short and sweet 
Don’t text your significant other a long, loving paragraph while sexting. There’s a time and a place for everything. Sexting usually happens pretty quickly, so keep it short and sweet.

Talk about your desires and wildest fantasies
Get to know each other on a whole new level.

Get creative and even use props or wear lingerie
Don’t be embarrassed, either; they love this stuff.

Ask your partner what they like
A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Enough said.

Contribute equally
Remember, it takes two to tango.

Start slow until you and your partner/sexter get in a groove with each other
Slow and steady wins the race. Or in this case, will hopefully win you an orgasm.

Use emojis
If you can’t think of what to say, express yourself with emojis.

Always keep it playful—sexting should be fun
A light-hearted conversation is one that people always go back to.

Double-check who you’re sending it to
Let’s not text “dad” instead of “daddy.”


Go beyond your comfort zone
As thrilling of an experience as it can be, don’t push your personal boundaries.

Ghost someone after you have been sexting (unless it’s warranted!)
Disappearing after you have a steamy text interaction is unfair to the other person involved.

Sext when you are around people or in public
You never know who’s looking over your shoulder.

Show your face in pictures
It’s ultimately your call, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Save sexting messages
Don’t screenshot sext messages or save pictures you received to your camera roll. Enjoy and live in the moment.

Demand instead of ask
Don’t forget your manners!

Forget to hide your private pictures on your phone
If you want to save the photos you sext, take advantage of the hidden photos feature on your phone.

Go overboard with the sex talk
You wouldn’t want it to seem forced or pornographic (unless they’re into that). Plus, remember it’s all in writing so don’t send something you may regret.


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