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How To Dress Like a Royal


The Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton effect is now becoming stronger than ever. Apparently everyone is obsessed with what both Duchesses wear on different occasions. Each time there is a recognizable piece worn from Meghan or Kate, it immediately sells out or replicas of it are made to please every other woman who wants to feel like a royal.

We have to admit that the willingness of many women to dress like a royal is no part of a trend at all, but it is more of a necessity. Dressing like a royal makes you feel more confident, elegant and the center of attention. Think for a moment about Meghan and Kate, surrounded by cameras and fans eager to know what they are wearing as soon as they step out in public.


The Duchess of Sussex

Kate Middleton on a private tour of the Hampton Court Castle Garden,
© Getty Images

Kate Middleton at the Royal Ascot 2019

But if you want to dress like a royal you need to follow a few simple strict rules, because you have to keep in mind that your outfit needs to be a little conservative. The women of the royal families are celebrated for their classic, conservative and chic style. Thus, they do not tend to expose a lot of skin.

  • Make sure you wear dresses and skirts that are above your knees;
  • Cover up your arms, chest and back;
  • Do not put many jewels. Limit yourself to only two pieces of jewelry;
  • Try mixing high-end and low-end pieces just like Kate does. Such thing is appreciated by so many women, because it makes them more approachable to Kate and every woman can get a piece of cloth the same as Kate’s.
  • Royal family’s women tend to wear classic pieces that will never go out of fashion, like a trench coat, skirt suit, a white blouse, a clutch and pumps. So, try to collect classic pieces and keep them in your wardrobe for different occasions.

Colors are quite present each time there is a royal outing. Queen Elizabeth II is the very definition of dressing in colors. For example a bright colored coat is ideal.

On casual occasions you can wear straight legged jeans matched with a blazer over a simple top. Your choice of footwear should be the traditional pumps or flats.

For a formal occasion opt for a skirt suit or a coat dress.

For important events, an evening gown is the one you should look for. You can match your look with brilliant jewels.

But as much as you follow these simple rules, you still cannot call yourself a “royal” if you haven’t worn the most important accessory: the statement hat.

Hats will always be a royal must, so consider them part of your life. Probably they are more important than just a simple clutch. Brands like Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones have both become royal favorites.

Dressing like a royal is no difficulty at all. If you follow the simple rules mentioned above you will totally rock it. Regarding the choice of hair and makeup, opt for a natural makeup and treat yourself to regular blowouts at the salon and your hair will be just like Kate’s. But, if you want to approach more to Meghan’s style, then a messy bun will just do the trick.

Remember to always stay natural on your appearance and you will always be the elegant person in the eyes of others.


By Enxhi Tufina

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