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Remembering Selena Quintanilla


Selena: The Series is now streaming on Netflix, showing us Selena Quintanilla’s journey from performing at weddings at a young age with the family band “Selena y Los Dinos”, to becoming a superstar.

Luckily for us, we will get a second season and we are pretty sure that we will see much more of Selena as the show will be a celebration of her life.
In the first season we noticed Selena’s sense of style and how she made the outfits that she and her band wore while on tour. They were so vibrant, full of colours and the perfect representation of the most famous trends from the 80s and the 90s.

When watching the series, we had one question in mind: Where is Selena’s family now?

What we know for sure is that Selena’s family had an important role in the series as they provided the director with the journal entries written by the singer, as well as family video footage. Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla serves as an executive producer on the show. She made sure to continue Selena’s legacy. Suzette stopped playing the drums after her sister’s death but remained involved with her family’s music production company, Q-Productions. She is also the manager of Selena’s museum that includes original outfits worn by the artist and her red Porsche.

A report in Newsweek revealed that Selena’s brother continues making music. Following his sister’s death, AB Quintanilla formed the band Kumbia Kings. He left the group in 2006 and formed Elektro Kumbia in 2016.

Selena’s husband, Chris Pérez formed his own band after Selena’s death, called the Chris Pérez Band. They also won The Grammy Awards for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album in 1999.

Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, continues producing new music under his Latin music label, Q-Production. He is also involved with The Selena Foundation that was created following Selena’s death, to help children in crisis. Early this year, Abraham announced that he finished an autobiography of his own. So, we just have to wait for the release date.




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