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The Outfits We Loved From Netflix’s Rebecca


Apparently, this period turned out to be quite perfect for us Netflix lovers. The most famous streaming platform released new documentaries, new tv shows and new movies. When speaking of movies, Rebecca is the one that caught our attention.

Rebecca is not new to the addicted reader, because it is based on the famous novel of Daphne du Maurier. So, we know the story, we know its mysteries and we know how it ends. But even though we are aware of the plot, the Netflix version of Rebecca was captivating.

From the perspectives of people obsessed with movies, we enjoyed the colours, the perfect images of Cannes that made us wish we could travel freely without worrying about anything, the love between Mr. De Winter and his innocent newly bride, we adored the interior at Manderley making us believe that living in the countryside is quite beautiful, and of course, we absolutely loved the clothes.

Since Emily in Paris was released, we began analyzing the choice of outfits in a movie and better evaluating them. We were faced with the same situation with Rebecca. Though the story takes place in the 30s, the clothes were so accurate, it highlighted the fact that there is so much presence from the past in today’s fashion.

The costumes felt incredibly modern and it looked like we were seeing some kind of a Fall 2020 runway show.

“I wanted to make sure a modern audience could understand these clothes, rather than be pushed away from them,” explains costume designer, Julian Day, on call for Fashionista. “Even though it’s periodically correct, it was the idea that anyone literally could go out now and buy Lily’s outfit — or Armie’s outfit.”

That is why we have decided to bring you some of our favourite looks from Netflix’s amazing adaptation of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.



Kerry Brown/Courtesy of Netflix

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