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Quarantine Hacks to Keep YOUR HAIR LOOKING FRESH


Consider yourself a DIY master at this point in quarantine? Same(ish). To sign, seal, deliver the stamp of at-home beauty treatments, we’re sharing hair hacks to conquer and embrace while we’re all spending time at home. In addition to insight from the Poosh team, we tapped Kourt’s hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, for easy tips anyone can do themselves. Learn the quarantine tricks to keep your hair looking sleek and healthy below.

• Kourt’s tip: don’t wash your hair as much (just rinse with water) and brush your hair’s natural oils from your roots to your tips. Then pull your hair back and sleep in our Aquis x Poosh turban.

• Use this time at home to take a break from your hot tools. If you want nice beachy waves, try this viral no-heat curls hack using an old pair of tights.

• Add a detangler like an Olaplex bonder for added hydration.

• Use rice water to help your hair grow naturally.

• Sleep in a hair mask or keep Kourt’s Avocado Hair Mask in your hair all day for a deeply nourishing treatment.

• Wear our Aquis x Poosh turban to naturally dry your locks.

Tips from Andrew Fitzsimons:

• “Upgrade your overnight beauty routine with a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk pillowcases help reduce friction on your strands, which reduces damage-related issues like split ends.

• Rinse off your conditioner with cold water—this helps to improve overall strength and shine.

• Exfoliate your scalp. That’s right, just like we exfoliate our faces, it’s beneficial to exfoliate our scalps to remove buildup, deep cleanse, and to stimulate blood flow in the area. Start with once per week.

• Always use UV protection. It’s great to take a break from hot tools, but if you are spending any time outside or near windows throughout the day, it’s best to apply a product that provides UV protection to avoid drying out and damaging your strands.”


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