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PREVENT EARLY SIGNS OF AGING on Less Popular Parts of the Body

We spend so much time focusing on our face when it comes to our anti-aging crusade that we tend to neglect the rest of our body. But the rest of us certainly ages, too, and some less obvious areas tend to do a lot of talking when it comes to proving the test of time. It’s important to address our overall health to prevent premature aging, but here are a few other tips to keep things tight.


Our hands really take a beating, and it shows. We don’t think all that much about hand care—maybe some cream before bed, or when we’re bored at the airport. But our hands are always exposed. Make moisturizing them a priority, keep a nourishing hand lotion next to the sink for post-dishes, and don’t forget SPF. Reapply sunscreen to the tops of your hands if you’ll be out or driving to prevent sun damage and added lines.

Neck and Chest

The buck doesn’t stop at the chin when it comes to skincare. Continue your full face routine down the neck and the décolletage to keep that taut and youthful silhouette resilient. This skin is also soft, thin, and delicate, so you’ll want to nourish it and hydrate. Apply products in an upward motion on the neck and chest, sweeping out and up. And of course, do not forget the sunscreen here, too. Chest wrinkles are a telltale sign of sun worship and skincare neglect when they appear too early in life.


Smoker’s mouth doesn’t just happen to smokers. Some people purse their lips often, or drink out of straws all the time, and this constant pucker can give those smoker’s lines an accelerated push. Make sure to switch up how you’re consuming liquids, relax your face, and engage in facial massage to retrain your muscles. Our muscles tend to have a pretty good memory, and will remain even slightly contracted at all times if we don’t practice a little physical therapy. Apply an emollient product or facial oil, and pinch the outside of your lips to make a fish face, moving along the lip line to massage. This gets some good circulation to the area and has a smoothing effect.

Knees and Elbows

Our knees and elbows are definitely not something on our young minds when it comes to age prevention, but when we reach a certain age, the sagging is real. It’s easy to glaze over them post-shower hydration time, but give them some extra loving care. The thicker skin there has the task of stretching and contracting, kneeling, leaning, and so on, and it doesn’t absorb moisture as easily. Give them a massage and a little extra product to stay supple and keep the skin flexible.


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