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Look I have always been fond of vintage clothes for it seems like they serve as a time machine for me. Whenever I put on a vintage style, I feel like I’m living those years.
I think this is due to my love for fashion, because fashion itself is a “return” through years. On special occasions such as holidays I don’t want to be predictable, so I try to match different styles not simply put on a classic dress, especially when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve party. This is an ala “`80s disco” style, combined with a glittery vintage blouse which belonged to my mother who used to wear it in the `90s, and a festive glittery Zara skirt. Then I added a pair of pink sandals which again are like the `80s as per the heels and the platform. Obviously, if we are talking about disco style, big volume hair and a special make up are a must! Don’t forget to play with your outfits and make similar combinations; dare with them because in the end: “Fashion is just about that”! Happy New Year 2016 to ya all!
Bluza: Vintage
Fund: Zara
Sandale: Prada
Clutch me xixa: Lulu Guinnes
Vëthë: Vintage
Byzylyk: Sportmax dhe i florinjti Herve Van Der Straeten
Makeup: Lili Ismaili
Foto: Endrit Mertiri
Ambienti: Hotel De Paris Tiranë

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  • Reply nora 14/03/2016 at 01:19

    Armina, sapo lexova per websit’in tuaj me te ri, nuk ngurova ti hedh nje sy. Gjithmone me ka pelqyer klasi dhe eleganca juaj natyrale ,e pasforcuar jo vetem ne stil por dhe ne sjellje dhe dua ju pergezoj per kete. Keni nje imazh publik shume te kendshem dhe fin. Me lejoni tju sugjeroj ti kushtoni nje vemendje te vecante te veshurit materiale miqesore (cruelty free)ndaj mjedisit (shoh shume rroba lekure,pellusha ne gardeoroben tuaj). Jo shume fashionista e bejne kete gje aq me teper ne shqiperi por besoj qe do i shtonte sensitivitet dhe nje tjeter dimension stilit tuaj. Wear killer clothes without killing the environment. Ju pershendes dhe ju uroj cdo te mire.
    Me dashamiresi,

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