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My Top 3 Favourite Skincare Products From Dr. Barbara Sturm


For years now, taking care of the skin has become like a full-time job for me. I can’t remember of a single day that I have forgotten to do my skincare routine, which includes and entire process that occurs every morning and evening. Wherever I go, my skincare products come with me, because there is nothing better then a fresh and healthy skin.

As part of my skincare routine, I have included three amazing products from Dr. Barbara Sturm that are a must for me, because I felt changes on my skin since the very first day I started using them. I consider these three products as my top favourite from Dr. Barbara Sturm and you will find out why.

  1. Glow Drops

I have been familiar with the importance of a serum since I started taking care of my skin in the proper way. Glow Drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of my favourite face serums especially when I am about to go out on a special occasion. I use the Glow Drops before applying makeup, because I want my skin to glow “alla Red Carpet” and be relaxed. Thus, this product is the ideal one in achieving that effect.

My face after using the Glow Drops


  1. Anti-Pollution Drops

Due to my work, I also spend time on my social media channels, which means that I am always on my laptop or phone. The Anti-Pollution Drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm is a serum that protects the skin from environmental stressors and especially from the radiation that is emitted from computers and phones. The product is also perfect for people who work every day in an office surrounded by computers.


  1. Enzyme Cleanser

Enzyme Cleanser is currently my favourite face cleanser, because it makes sure to clean my face entirely. Most days I am always moving from one place to another due to many appointments and that means that I am always in contact with the environment, so my skin tends to absorb many impurities. Thus, the Enzyme Cleanser, which I use 1-2 times a week, removes all the impurities that my skin has absorbed and the final result is a fresh and bright skin.

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