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My office is my favorite second place to be. I have created this beautiful small place that makes me happy. I wouldn’t consider it work if I did not enjoy the place I am working in and what I am actually doing. My office is filled with memories as I have placed several pictures of me and my beloved ones. I have also put posters of my favorite idols on the walls, because it’s thanks to them that I get inspiration.

When it comes to my choice of work outfit, I always tend to be as comfortable as possible, considering the fact that I spend most part of the day in the office. I have three different office looks which I would suggest to everyone and I try to mix them time to time.

The most famous choice of work outfit is a skirt matched with a blazer. For important meetings, I try to add a simple touch of extravaganza to my outfit, so I always wear blazers which are a bit extravagant and have a unique design like the one in the picture, which is matched with a leather skirt. The fact that I work in the fashion industry, makes it easy for me to experiment with my look.


When I know for sure that I will have a busy schedule ahead, I tend to wear something comfortable. On such occasions I like to match skinny leggings with bodysuits from Wolford. This outfit keeps me warm throughout the day and it is quite comfortable.


On weekends I mostly wear jeans. For such reason I combine them with a simple T-shirt or a bodysuit. I also wear a jacket to make my outfit a little bit more formal.


Photographer: Arbnor Allaraj

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