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Movies That Will Definitely Make You Cry


There are times when we only want to stay home doing nothing or better say “nothing” can be translated into “watching Netflix all day long”. After watching every possible TV series, we keep thinking about old movies that we used to watch and probably would not mind watching again.

Sometimes we really need a good cry, because we did not enjoy the week at all due to the stress at work or university, or we had an argument with someone we care about. In order to release that negative energy, we just need a good cry. If that is the case, then a sad movie is all we need and in seconds tears will eventually come out. Netflix has many movies that will also turn a cold-hearted person into a fragile one.

Whether it is a romance or a drama movie, below you will find our suggestions about movies that are absolutely a must, and they also have the tendency to make any person cry.


  1. The Notebook



2. Irreplaceable You



3. One day



4. Room



5. The Pianist



6. The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas



7. Bridge to Terabithia



8. Schindler’s List

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