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There comes a time in your life when you become obsessed about your dream house. You want to live in a cozy place, filled with every possible detail that inspires you and only brings positive energy in your life. As you become stuck with the idea of creating your own perfect place, you start looking at different magazines and websites to fully understand the style that best suits you. Are you a minimalist, or a vintage spirit? Do you want to remain classic, or modernism is the best option for you?

In recent years, the Moroccan style has had a huge growth as many people prefer to surround their place with colors and ethnic style, which are the very elements of such style.

By embracing the Moroccan style, you focus on furniture such as low sofas filled with colorful cushions and coffee tables. You start becoming obsessed with carpets filled with oriental motifs and maybe you might even change the floor. Cement tiles in different designs and patterns will create the typical Moroccan atmosphere that you are so eager to achieve.

It is time you start looking deeply in those flea markets as you may find handcrafted treasures, carpets, dishes and fabrics that will make for the perfect Moroccan space.

We have rounded up some ideas for you to get you started on decorating your Moroccan space.


By Enxhi Tufina

Photos from Marie Claire Maison

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