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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2023


Milan Fashion Week came to an end and it still was an extraordinary one. The Italian capital of fashion knows how to host a good show and without any doubt there was much to talk about.


Double Trouble at Gucci

Leave it to Gucci to stage the most unique runway ever. Even though we were used to Chanel hosting extraordinary shows, without any doubt, Gucci exceeded everyone’s expectations. 68 sets of twins walked the Gucci runway and it was all kept secret until the last minute. How crazy is that?

Imagine the amount of time spent to find those doppelgängers. Each set of twins wore identical looks that represented Gucci brand with activewear, tailored pieces, red carpet glam, and all glitter and sequins.


Versace goes goth

Who would have thought that Donatella Versace would bring up her “dark” side and create a collection for Spring that was so goth.

“I have always loved a rebel, a woman who is confident, smart, and a little bit of a diva,” the designer said via press release.

Besides the black looks that dominated the collection, there was the Versace electric fuchsia and the bold purple.

That was for sure not the average Versace show.


Kim Kardashian x Dolce & Gabbana

Since Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Travis Barker in Portofino, Kim Kardashian’s relationship with the Dolce & Gabbana’s designers has been stronger than ever. During the nuptials, the paparazzi photographed Kim in a variety of D&G vintage looks that even the brand did not have in their own archives. From that moment a collaboration was on the way with Kim acting as a curator by selecting pieces from past collections (specifically the period between 1987-2007), and the designers would rework those pieces by bringing their modern version.

Well, that is quite the marketing for the brand by having Kim working closely with them.


A new era for Ferragamo

Everyone’s attention was on Maximilian Davis as he debuted his first collection with House Ferragamo. Debuting a collection during fashion week is not that hard, making it successful is the hardest part. Let’s say that Davis vision for his first collection with Ferragamo was simple but with the focus on the youth. After all that’s where everyone’s focus is at.


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