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Some days are simply easier than others when it comes to motivating yourself to work out. Add the fact we’re living through a pandemic and it can become especially challenging to stick to a regular fitness schedule. First things first, remember to be kind to yourself and allow days (or weeks) off if that’s what your body and mind need.

If you are ready to get back into a “normal” exercising routine, Kourt has a handful of hacks that help her stay on track and excited to work out. Learn her tips below.

Schedule workouts with friends (if you have enough space to safely exercise). Kourt has an encouraging group thread with her workout crew called “Gym Class Heroes” and said they will text and help amp each other up for the week’s workout—whether it’s a reminder on what time they’re working out tomorrow or what they’re having for lunch after their session. Hold your crew (and self) accountable.

Kourt also plans a post-workout reward to look forward to so it’s motivation to get through the sweat. Like OK, we’ll get through this and then enjoy a nice matcha latte or chagaccino and lunch while we all catch up.

During her workouts, she and Coach Don break the routine into quarters so it’s less overwhelming all at once and feels way more achievable during the session. So quarter one, let’s say three to five minutes of jump-roping and then alternating other sets and so on. In between each quarter, there’s a break, which makes the full sequence feel more achievable. It’s a smart strategy to get through a tough workout, and gives you energy for a bonus round after the four quarters.

Kourt also eliminated saying and thinking, “I can’t do XYZ today” and instead has learned to shift her mindset to “OK, of course, I can sprint up this massive hill, let’s do it.” The power of positivity … it works.

A good playlist is key. Have the right music ready and know your audience and crew. Maybe it’s a rough Monday and you need a calm lineup (stay tuned for Kourt’s specific list) to get you in the mood. And if all else fails, Khloé’s beast mode curation never disappoints. Just know when to change it up.

Keep a workout basket or bin that’s easily accessible. If it’s all in one place, it’ll encourage you to wake up and get at it—no complications. Kourt keeps hers in the garage and then can take it out to her backyard during her at-home workouts and know it already has everything she might need. For an idea, here’s what’s inside: jump rope, sauna suit, waistband that increases sweat production, a visor to block and shield the sun, workout gloves, reusable water bottle, towel, and muscle massage tool.

These throughout tips aside, Kourt also shared the below hacks to get a quick burn in for the day:
• Before you take a shower, take two minutes to do squats.
• Do 20-30 dips using the ledge of your bathtub.


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