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KOURT’S FACIALIST SHARES 5 TIPS on How to Care for Your Skin at Home

When it comes to skincare tips, the limit does not exist. So when Kourt shared a video of herself during a steamy facial with her facialist Candice Miele of Candice Miele Skincare, naturally we needed to know more. We tapped Candice to share her best at-home skincare tips.

1. Steam your skin

“This beautiful and easy step will help to promote circulation of the skin and also softens the sebum in the skin, making it easier to clean out your pores.”


2. Exfoliate

“This is one of my favorite things to do for myself and for my clients! Getting off all the dead, dry layers of skin really helps to boost radiance and help with product penetration. You can exfoliate with a scrub or a product that contains acids, such as lactic or glycolic. Always make sure to ask a professional which one is right for your skin type.”


3. Use an at-home LED light

“This can be a life saver! Blue light is a great way to keep breakouts at bay and help with any that may pop up throughout the month when you can’t get to your facialist. Red light therapy is great for rebuilding collagen and helps to target fine lines. One of my favorites is the DMH Light Shield Mask.”


4. Masking

Masks are so great for so many different things, whether you’re looking to help remove impurities from the skin and/or to boost radiance or give your skin some much-needed hydration. There are so many masks for many different skin types. If you’re looking for something to help with dirt and oil, I would choose a mask that contains clay, as that helps to pull out impurities. If you’re looking for hydration, I would look for ingredients such as hyaluronic or squalene. A mask with vitamin C can really help to brighten the skin.”


5. Hydration, hydration, hydration!

“Keeping your water intake up will help to keep your skin hydrated and help with flushing out toxins from your system. I always start my day with a large glass of room-temp lemon water and then allow myself a cup of coffee.”


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