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Expect nothing but the best from Kris Jenner. And her dish room, which stores all of her fine china, um … does not disappoint. The room is impeccably organized and perfectly displays her impressive collection of designer dinnerware sets.

The walk-in closet (if you will) includes a range of timeless and rare table sets (we’re talking several sets of printed plates, teacups, and matching saucers, custom coffee mugs, serving platters, the whole nine yards) that Kris has collected over the years. It’s like a mini museum with excellent lighting surrounding each set and not a teacup or plate out of place. Truly a work of art.

Scroll on to see the s t u n n i n g photos of Kris Jenner’s fancy dish room for yourself and shop a selection of the sets available online at the end.

Photos by @ivansocal


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