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How Vibrational Frequencies can Help REGULATE YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM


“Good vibes only” just got scientific. In fact, certain vibrational frequencies can affect our mental and physical states quite dramatically, immediately and over time. That goes both ways—certain frequencies have the power to pump us up (or key us up, freak us out, and agitate us) just as some have the power to bring us into calmer, relaxed states, and many states in between.

In fact, there are wellness devices on the market that can manipulate, or DJ the vibe in our bodies, so to speak. Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO with biz partner and neuroscientist husband Dr. Dave Rabin, co-founded such a device known as the Apollo Neuro. It’s a wearable object with different vibrational settings to help us curate our states of being based on our nervous system.

“The easiest way to think about frequencies is with music,” Dr. Rabin starts. “Everything we experience in the environment is a form of frequency. Touch is a form of frequency; sight, sound, and music are the most common ways that we experience what we would call vibrations that change the body in a very measurable way. And we know this because almost every single person, especially in the Western world, listens to a certain kind of music that is generally a little faster and a little louder and high energy when they’re working out, partying, and socializing with friends, and they listen to a very different kind of music that is slower, gentler, and quieter when they’re meditating, winding down, relaxing, or going to bed.

And, you’d never switch the two. You’d never listen to the kind of music you do to work out when you’re trying to go to sleep because it would not match the energy required for the situation. So, effectively, vibrations always change our body; music is just the most common way that we see it. And the mind and the body are connected there’s no such thing as ‘just in the mind.’ Sound changes the body, which changes the way we feel and the way we think.”

This is why music such as binaural beats is so effective, and why there are so many different frequencies for different types of healing. There are binaural beats for focus, meditationsleep, joy, and even heightened sexual pleasure.

Vibrational frequencies are an excellent way to help drop into meditative states for those who have trouble getting there on their own. We are constantly told that to alleviate our chronic stress, we need to calm down and meditate. For some, that creates an entirely different stress, one of frustration of the paradox. It’s hard to get chill in order to chill, the chicken or the egg concept. Vibrational frequencies can help steer our nervous systems into that direction on a little bit of autopilot, so to speak, to help us create a practice around it.

Frequencies aren’t just for states of calm. Like music, we can use them to feel open and social, alert, energetic and focused, safe and happy, relaxed and healing, as well as sleepy.

Quicker, more intense bursts of vibration will make us more alert, while intense, longer vibrations make us more focused, and soft, long vibes are for mega chill. It’s about becoming relaxed enough to enjoy your present state and activity … mindfulness ring a bell? “Like music getting you into a flow state,” Dr. Rabin tells us, “it helps you become maximally present with your experience.” Catch a vibe.


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