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How To Stay Fit While on Holidays


You are used to working out at least 3 times a week and when you decide to go on holidays it seems like you do not want to stop your activity and look for ways to stay fit even during that period. Check some of the best options to work out below.

If you have gone to a destination where the sea is meters away from you, you should opt for long walks on the beach. Experts say that you burn twice as many calories when you walk on the sand as on a flat ground. So take your work out shoes with you and start those long walks while breathing fresh air.

If you are a real player, you can get involved in many sports activities like volleyball, which will help you burn lots of calories if you like to play hard and you can also play tennis as if you were Serena Williams or Roger Federer.

Hiking is also a great option to keep you fit while you have spent the other day eating delicious meals and desserts. Check for some hiking adventures while on holidays and take a backpack with you to make things a bit challenging.

If you have planned to go on a destination where your intention is to explore the culture and history of the place, those long walks as a tourist will come in handy. Just make sure to have worn comfortable shoes and everything will be fine.

Try not to get the bus or a taxi to go on the planned location. Take the city bike instead and you will burn lots of calories. You can also activate your fitness tracker on your phone and you will see how many steps you have done in a day. If you hit the 10,000 steps, you are a Pro.

For sure you will have your cheat days, because on holidays we like to skip our eating routine, but do not forget to drink as much water as possible, and try to go light while eating dinner. A salad would be more adaptable.


By Enxhi Tufina


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