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How To Organize an Eco-Friendly Wedding


Each year more and more people are approaching a more sustainable life. Their lifestyle is changing and their decisions as well.

Speaking of decisions, couples are now looking forward to having an eco-friendly wedding. Princess Eugenie for example declared that her wedding in 2018 did not include any form of plastic. Also, Pinterest has declared that searches for eco-friendly weddings have increased in these last couple of years.

One might ask, “How can you organize an eco-responsible wedding?”


  1. The dress

The first step for an eco-friendly wedding is the choice of the wedding gown. If you are the type of person that does not want to hire a wedding dress, the best alternative for you is to buy from sustainable brands. Do your research and you will be surprised by all the sustainable brands out there. If you want a custom-made dress, make sure to use fabrics that are sustainable.


  1. The flowers

When choosing the flowers for your wedding it would be perfect to get them from a well-trusted supplier that does not use pesticides when growing them. Also avoid using floral foam blocks to keep them in place because it is not sustainable.


  1. Decoration

The decorations are very important for a wedding, but if you want to be more responsible, choose the ones that are eco-friendly and the ones that are bought from small businesses.


  1. Gifts

If you tend to have a 100% eco-friendly wedding, ask your guests to bring presents that are sustainable, and their wrapping should be the same as well.


  1. The meal

Pay close attention to the menu for your wedding day. Make sure that the caterers you will choose are also in line with your vision.



As part of your wedding, the bridesmaid’s dresses and the jewels will have an important role as well. Make your decisions carefully and choose responsibly.




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