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Remember the viral Instagram video of the woman flawlessly closing her car trunk with her leg (in high heels) while holding her baby? In no way are we saying that’s an expectation for moms; it was simply downright impressive to watch. Well, that was Anna Kanyuk, the founder of Top Stretching, and if you haven’t already browsed her IG page, we highly suggest setting aside a solid 20 minutes to be mesmerized by her insane flexibility.

We caught up with the international anomaly to learn her perspective on how stretching your body can lead to better sex.

“I can give three reasons,” Anna quickly responded. “First, stretching reduces pressures on the nervous system. When we stretch our bodies, this relaxes us and allows us to breathe easier. Secondly, practicing stretching exercises the blood flows into the pelvis organs, which activates the genital organs. Blood circulation is directly related to the excitation level. Thirdly, stretching has a positive impact on self-awareness. Your overall confidence will improve in your everyday life—sex included or not. This applies to women and men,” she adds.

So, which poses and stretches should we incorporate into our daily routine? “Anything that stretches your inner thighs—for example, the Frog pose and the Lizard pose. These allow you to open up the hip muscles and extend the hamstrings. Another good stretch is the Seal pose, which focuses on the lumbar spine in your lower back.”

Anna recommends starting and ending your day with a stretching sequence that works for you to ensure your muscles are able to recover and function properly, especially after a tough workout.

“Stretching helps you to become more flexible, increase range of movements, and develop endurance. The combination of this beneficial trio will allow you to experiment in the bedroom and spice up your sex life. After proper stretching, you’ll be less stiff and completely relaxed and, of course, relaxation is key to enjoying playtime under the sheets,” Anna explains.

Learn how to do the three moves the limber master mentioned below:

The Move: The Frog Pose
How to: Start on all fours and then gently slide your knees out to a comfortable position (like a frog). Keep your hips in line with your knees and slowly lower your body closer to the floor. You can tilt and tuck your hips as you inhale and exhale for a couple of minutes.

The Move: The Lizard Pose
How to: Start in Downward Dog and then lift one leg up and to the front of your yoga mat. Move your hand to the inside of the front foot and then shift your hips forward. Keep your chest open and pulse back and forth for a couple of breaths.

The Move: The Seal Pose
How to: Start flat on your stomach (you can put a rolled towel under your chest if that’s more comfortable) and then spread your arms out past shoulder width and then raise your upper body. Relax in this pose as you inhale and exhale.


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