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How I Take Care of My Body


When it comes to body care, I never miss a day. I am very attentive to the food I consume in a day; I exercise regularly and I also apply different products on my skin for better results.

To achieve the so much wanted glowing skin, I tend to pay attention to my body, as much as I pay attention to taking care of my face.

The Firming and Silk Effect cream from Dermakleb is part of my body care routine and I use the product regularly, especially for the bust area, as it gives it elasticity and tonification. Anyone from 25 years and older should use this cream.


You may find the product at Velvet Clinic

For a firmer skin I use LIFT & FIRM BODY CREAM VINOSCULPT by Caudalíe that targets four parts of the body: arms, chest stomach and buttocks, which some people do not pay attention to. The skin is smooth, hydrated and toned. I use this one mostly in the thigh area, bust area and the neck.

Photo courtesy of Caudalie. You may find the product at Farmaci Medigreen


The Anti-Aging Body Cream from Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of my favourites. The skin absorbs the cream quickly and it leaves a smooth feeling. This product is perfect for diminishing any signs of aging.

Courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm. You may find the product at Delirium Shop


I believe that each of us should be using one of these products to give vitality to their skin and avoid any signs of aging that come with time.

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