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Healthy Ways to GET A TAN

We recently received this story request during our CCO, Sarah Howard’s, Q&A on our private Facebook group. We couldn’t help but wonder, how many other humans need to know healthy ways to bronze this summer?

Before we get into our safe suntanning tips, we must remind you to book your annual melanoma check. Yes, do it right now. Take 10 minutes to call your dermatologist and schedule your appointment, and then we give you permission to keep reading this article.

For most, a sun-kissed glow boosts confidence, can help mask the appearance of cellulite (you know the saying—if you can’t tone it, tan it), and makes for a dewy no-makeup makeup look. Plus, in moderation (of course), soaking up vitamin D alters our mood by triggering our dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain so we can literally just be happy.

It goes without saying, daily SPF is a non-negotiable. Face, hands, neck—these areas are the first to show early signs of aging mainly due to sun exposure. So, once you’ve applied your non-toxic sunscreen, how do you stay protected and still get a nice tan?

Without further ado (now that you’ve booked your yearly skin-cancer check), here are our helpful tips to get a tan—the safer way.



At this point, we’ve drilled in the importance of SPF, but, note to self: it’s actually reapplication that’s key. The FDA recommends reapplying every two to three hours, and more often if you swim or sweat.

Make sure lips, eyes, chest, and tops of hands and feet are covered too. UV rays don’t discriminate.


SPF Face Mask

Take shielding your precious face to the next level with this SPF 400 mask. Skincare guru, Tina Craig, introduced us to this innovative device.

The 100% UV-protected lens is built to guard your eyes and face (it covers the forehead to the chin) from harmful rays. It only costs $18 and comes in 26 different colors. You can even wear your favorite sunglasses under it.


Whether you move your lounger under a massive tree or buy a chic outdoor umbrella, it’s important to take breaks from the sunshine to avoid a painful sunburn and sun damage. Change positions too, not only for even lines but to avoid overexposure in one area.

We also recommend wearing an oversized hat to keep your face shaded. So you have your SPF, sunglasses, face shield, and large sun hat—it’s a vibe, we promise.


Buildable Self-Tanners

We love this bronzing lotion that’s vegan and made with natural ingredients like caramel, essential oils, and moisturizing antioxidants. Nourish and tint your skin at the same time! Plus, it’s not sticky, which is always a bonus with at-home sunless tanners.

Our editor, Michelle Scanga, is also a fan of this organic foam tanner. “Use the mitt for a streak-free application, and within two to four hours, you’ll have beautifully bronzed skin. I use the foam regularly, but if I want an even deeper tan, I’ll massage the brand’s Body Blur onto my arms and legs—just be sure to wait a solid 15 minutes for it to set in and dry before putting on your clothes,” she shares.


Non-Toxic Spray Tans

If spray tans are your thing, do your research and book an appointment at a salon that specializes in non-toxic airbrushing. These solutions are free from alcohol, sulfates, and other chemicals of concern. Instead, they’re packed with clean and organic ingredients for a flawless and quick tan.


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