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Gucci Pre-Fall 2018 collection is pure joy!


There is no doubt that 2017 was Gucci’s year and the creative director, Alessandro Michele, is not letting the spotlight go away that easy even for 2018. We are always used with the idea that a Pre-Fall Collection is more approachable to standard looks, which might be considered as commercialized ones. But, there is no simplicity when it comes to Alessandro Michele, as the designer himself, has shown even this time that his creations are beyond the normality that we are used to.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2018 collection is rich in colors, shiny fabrics and designs and there is no doubt that the designer has shown a huge commitment in making this collection as amazing as the previous ones. 82 looks were presented through the lens of Peter Schlesinger ,  who captured the essential details of this fascinating collection in different Roman locations. It is well-known now that the city of Rome is playing a huge part on inspiring the designer. So, the photographer made sure to turn this collection into a Postcard Diary from the lovely city of Rome.

The collection besides being rich in colors, shiny fabrics and designs, it is to be noted the fact that it contains everything a wardrobe needs, but with a touch of vintage in it from accessories, leather jackets, velvet coats, long skirts, evening dresses, caftan dresses, bold tracksuits, high-waisted pleated pants, oversized cardigans, suede jackets, hiking boots, long socks in different colors, etc., without forgetting to mention the highlight of the collection, baseball caps, which is a collaboration between Gucci and the MLB. So, take a look at our top 20 favorite looks from the collection.


Photo Courtesy of Gucci

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