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Gigi Hadid’s Nursery Is a Bohemian-Decor Dream


When given the chance to preoccupy herself with interior design, Gigi Hadid lets her love for all things fun and bold run wild. This past summer, she shared photos of her newly renovated digs in New York City, featuring slightly polarizing home decor—like a rainbow pasta cabinet and a human-sized yellow pen. Now, the supermodel and new mom, who shares her baby with boyfriend Zayn Malik, is giving us all another inside glimpse at her home style—this time, of her baby’s nursery.

The darling decor, showcased as a series of snapshots posted to her Instagram Story yesterday, gives off the same boho-chic vibes as the rest of her Manhattan apartment. Hadid chose a rustic orange for the wall color and neutralized its boldness by opting for mostly neutral-toned furniture, a delicate mix of what appears to be bamboo and rattan pieces.


In one image, Hadid posed for a mirror selfie with her baby bump. Over the picture, she wrote, “The night before I went into labor.”


In another image, she posed again in profile so that the camera could capture her baby bump. “(About a week before [going into labor]),” she captioned the flick. “Decorating & spending time in her nursery really helped me feel prepared when I would get too in my head :).”




Further photos revealed Mom’s attention to detail in curating her baby’s space, including a white canopy over the rattan crib, a sofa lined with colorful pillows and stuffed animals, and shelves brimming with children’s picture books (which, Hadid noted, were “favorite books” sent by friends).

Hadid and Malik welcomed their baby girl late last September.


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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