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Fun Things To Do During The Holiday Season While In Lockdown


As much as you love the holidays, the situation with Covid-19 is still the same with cases rising day by day. You avoid any contact with your loved ones. The idea that you can’t kiss your parents or hug your sister or brother brings sadness in your life, especially when the holiday season is fast approaching.

You have already decorated the Christmas tree, but you know that something is missing in your life. Even though you don’t know when this situation will be over, just remember that your loved ones will always be there for you no matter what. You should consider yourself lucky that you are surrounded by people that love you, even though you need to keep the distance from them.

Christmas is a few weeks away, meaning that there is still much you can do even if there is a lockdown in your country.

That is why we have decided to bring you some fun ideas you can do at home to get you in the holiday spirit.


  1. Bake some festive treats

If you don’t know what to bake, you should check Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s episodes on YouTube. If you are not much of a cooker, maybe it is time you learn how to bake Christmas cakes, biscuits, cupcakes or pastries.


  1. Make a wreath for your door

Making your own wreath for the door is such a fun activity that will keep you busy for some time and help you with your DIY skills.


  1. Support small businesses

This year we suggest you buy presents from small businesses that were impacted by the pandemic and are currently struggling financially.


  1. Write a dedication

Keep yourself busy by wrapping the presents by yourself and writing a dedication to the person you are giving the present. Show them how much they mean to you and how lucky you are to have them in your life.


  1. Organize online gatherings

Thank God you are living in the technology era, and you can still see your friends and family even though virtually. If you can’t be near them, at least you can get in touch with them by organizing virtual parties.


  1. Have a movie marathon

Enjoy the evenings by watching Christmas movies as you drink a hot chocolate or eat popcorns.

  1. Donate

Use the time you are staying at home by organizing your house, select the things you don’t need anymore and donate them to a foundation.


  1. Sleep in an indoor tent

If you are living with your partner you can have some fun together while in lockdown. Sleeping in a tent is a very interesting idea. Make a tent with the help of some sheets, lay down blankets on the floor so you can stay comfortable, decorate the tent with some Christmas lights and have a basket with your favourite snacks. You have created the perfect romantic atmosphere.


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