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FENG SHUI YOUR ROOM for Better Sleep

The energy is off, the juju doesn’t feel right. If you get it you get it. And the real witches or witches in training will (and if you don’t, you probably don’t spend your free time on TikTok).

Today we’re talking feng shui in the bedroom. To learn how to apply its magic in your home, we tapped classical feng shui consultant (who has helped her clients improve their wealth, health, career, and relationships … one space at a time) and founder of One World Feng ShuiFrancoise Courty-Dan, to share five expert tips on giving your room the right feng shui for better sleep.

We’ll let her take it from here with a bit of history first.

“Traditional Chinese feng shui is the ancient art and science of living in harmony with your environment. It enhances life experience through energy by harnessing natural, benevolent forces and correcting negative ones to improve wealth, health, relationships, and career.

Qi is energy, and energy is everywhere. It has an impact on you—especially in the bedroom. The average person sleeps about seven hours a night, spends 26 years of their life sleeping, and spends about seven years trying to fall asleep … Bottom line, we spend a third of our life sleeping and 33 years in bed! Let’s make the most out of it and enjoy as many nights as we can of awesome bedtime.

Feng shui your bedroom with a few easy tips:

Bed Placement

Your bed direction can activate your money, relationships, health, and stability. The science of feng shui starts with your Gua number, based on your gender and date of birth. Use this link to find your Gua number, then head here to find the life area you want to activate. Finally, move your headboard toward that direction. Voilà!

Declutter and Detox

Get rid of what you don’t want, like, need, or use. Donate (do a good deed for people in need), sell, regift (perfectly acceptable), and recycle—absolutely!

Keep your bedroom neat and organized. Make sure to check under the bed; a clear space allows good energy flow. Clutter is like obstacles on the road that impede you from reaching your goals. It drains and wears you down, leaving you frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed. Letting go of things that don’t serve you frees up room for what you love. Find your own balance between minimalist and packrat.

Opt for eco-friendly products and linens and consciously curated furniture to avoid toxins, off-gassing, and unneeded chemicals.

Turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before sleeping. They are fire energy and don’t promote peaceful sleep.

Where to rest your weary head

Why spend 6-8 hours losing energy when a solid headboard could help you preserve and protect your zzz’s?
Your bed is essential; a solid wood or upholstered headboard will provide support.

Clear the energy of prior lovers, regardless of how amazing they were, by smudging your bedroom and investing in a new set of sheets.

Dos and Don’ts of Decor

If your bedroom has ceiling beams, either move your bed so that it’s not beneath them, cover them with sheer fabric, or spring for a canopy bed. Ceiling beams can negatively affect your relationships or health.

Excessively bright and dark colors are not recommended; pick neutral and calming colors you love.

If you can, avoid mirrors, especially if they reflect your image in bed; they make chi too Yang (active).

Don’t work there!

The bedroom should be relaxing and rejuvenating; it’s for sleep, romance, and intimacy. A desk could transform the energy from calming to stressful. It’s better to work at the kitchen table than from your bedroom.

Add the earth element with crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, selenite, angelite, and flower essences to ground the energy and improve your sleep quality.

Use these feng shui tips to evaluate your bedroom and improve its energy flow, enhance the quality of your sleep, and positively transform your life.”


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