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“Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you’ve been together. It’s all about how much you love each other every day”

Stories about true love always fascinate and inspire me.

Here are the inspiring real-life stories that will melt your heart:

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley met Elvis Presley in 1959, when she was 14. At that time, Elvis was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. They began a romance, and Priscilla eventually followed Elvis to the United States. Much has been made of the fact that Priscilla was only 14 when the pair was introduced, but the young girl was mature for her age, and Elvis was mindful of the implications of the situation. The couple lived together for six years before they married. During those years, Elvis and Priscilla slept together every night, but they never had intercourse. He refused to have sex with her until they wed, because “somewhere, he, along in his past, said that he wanted a virgin.”

Eight years after they met, Priscilla and Elvis were married on May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their only child, daughter Lisa Marie, was born nine months after their wedding day, on Feb. 1, 1968. They divorced in 1973, but she remained close to him until his death in 1979 and she has fond memories of their time together.

Elvis was more than a mentor. He controlled her looks, her clothes, her hair, even her makeup.



Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

One of the most inspiring love stories in the world is the romance of country musicians Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Cash and Carter first met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1956, when Carter was singing background vocals for Elvis Presley. At the time, Cash was married to his first wife, Vivian Liberto, with whom he had three children, while Carter had had two marriages and two children. Nevertheless, the attraction between them was undeniable. Cash stated that he knew from the very beginning that they were meant to be together. Carter’s own experience of meeting Johnny Cash adds a more dramatic tone: “Oh my Lord! I think I’m falling in love with Johnny Cash, and this is the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.” She expressed her emotions by writing the country song “Ring of Fire”.

Johnny during a live show in 1968 and  in front of 7,000 fans, asked her to marry him. Under that kind of pressure, June said finally yes, but Johnny had to ask several times before she finally agreed.  The couple married just a few weeks later in Franklin, Kentucky; June was 39 and Johnny was 36.

They had their son, John Carter Cash, in 1970, blending together their families to include seven children in total. In 2003, June Carter Cash died and iconic singer Johnny Cash passed away four months after his beloved wife died.  Some people believe that it was the death of June that prompted the early death of a “broken hearted” Johnny.



John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The love story between Beatles member John Lennon and Yoko Ono is a very sensational one. It was both romantic and artistic. They met in November 1966 at a London gallery, where Ono was preparing for an exhibition of her work. By the time Yoko met Lennon, she was on her second marriage, to American jazz musician Anthony Cox. Meanwhile John was married to Cynthia Lennon.

Three years later, on March 20, 1969, the couple married and they spent their honeymoon in Amsterdam. Fans were not very receptive to his marriage of Yoko Ono. Many would have preferred him to marry an English woman. Her loud voice pushing her musical influence on the band backed by Lennon is believed to have factored into tearing the band apart.

Lennon shared details of their marriage and honeymoon in the song “The Ballad of John and Yoko.” During their 11-year marriage, the couple collaborated on multiple creative projects, including Lennon’s solo musical swan song, 1980’s Double Fantasy.



David Bowie and Iman

They met at a dinner party in 1990 and it was love at first sight. She, however, was a little apprehensive about dating a rock star. “Definitely I didn’t want to get into a relationship with somebody like him,” Iman once told The Guardian of meeting her future husband. “But I fell in love with David Jones. I did not fall in love with David Bowie. Bowie is just a persona. He’s a singer, an entertainer. David Jones is a man I met.” David and Iman got married in Tuscany, Italy in 1992 and the two were married for 23 years before the singer passed away. Bowie composed several songs for his wedding to Iman.

In 2000, the couple welcome their first daughter together, Alexandria Zahra Jones, but each has a child from a previous marriage. They kept their private life, well, private. David died two days after his 69th birthday with Iman by his side and “surrounded by his family.”



Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg love story is the most documented and famous love affair of the Sixties. French singer Serge Gainsbourg and fashion icon Jane Birkin are one of the coolest couples of all time. They met on the set of the film ‘Slogan’ in 1968 and it wasn’t love at first sight.

When Birkin and Gainsbourg met, Birkin was still suffering the heartbreak which accompanied the disappearance of her then-husband, composer John Barry. When she met Gainsbourg for the first time on the set of the film Slogan, she thought he was terribly ugly. “He’s horrible!”

They soon fell deeply in love and were inseparable. Serge was 20 years older than Jane, but their relationship managed to last a not-unimpressive 13 years, a period where the couple not only collaborated creatively, but also welcomed their only daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg. The couple never married and Jane left Serge in 1980, mainly due to his drinking. However, the romance never died in Serge, and he continued to love Jane and write songs for her long after they broke up.


Coco Chanel and Boy Capel

Boy Capel possibly best-remembered for being a lover and muse of fashion designer Coco Chanel. They met in 1909 and their relationship lasted nine years. Capel financed Chanel’s first shops and his own clothing style, notably his blazers, inspired her creation of the Chanel look. The couple spent time together at fashionable resorts such as Deauville, but he was never faithful to Chanel. Their relationship lasted nine years, and even after Capel married he continued his affair with Chanel until his death in late 1919.



Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd married George Harrison in 1966, after meeting on the set of A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. Seven years later, Clapton, a close friend of Harrison’s, declared his love for Boyd. One day, Boyd received a letter in which someone, who signed just as “E,” declared his love for her. Boyd assumed that she just had a secret admirer, until one evening at a party in Clapton’s manager’s house, when Eric, whom she thought of as a friend, showed up and asked her if she had received his letter.

In 1974 Boyd eventually left Harrison and moved in with Clapton. Clapton was madly in love with Boyd. She was the muse who inspired him to create the legendary songs “Wonderful Tonight,” “Layla,” and “Bell Bottom Blues.” Regular drug and alcohol abuse, as well as Clapton’s many affairs, provoked Boyd to leave him in 1987 and later divorce him in 1989.

Pattie Boyd wrote about her marriages in the 2007 memoir Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me.


Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, the punk Romeo and Juliet

Sid and Nancy met in 1977 and the two quickly became a couple. Nancy was a heroin addict and prostitute. She had come to London with one thing on her mind, to sleep with one of the Sex Pistols, and she did just that. Their 18-month relationship fused into a lethal mixture of violent sex, crazed aggression and pathetically loyal love that took them to the grave.

Sid and Nancy’s relationship developed quickly and it wasn’t long before Nancy had introduced Sid to the world of heroin addiction. She also started to make most of the decisions about Sid’s career and life. Sid’s friends and members of the band, particularly Johnny Rotten, begged Sid constantly to end his relationship with Nancy, but Sid wouldn’t even consider it.

On October12th, 1978, Nancy was found dead under the bathroom sink in their Chelsea Hotel room. She had a single stab wound to the gut, which was later confirmed to be done by a knife that belonged to Sid Vicious. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was accused of killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, but the case remains a mystery.

Within three months, he would be found dead, by his mother, of a heroin overdose. After his death, the NYPD closed the case against him, and never pursued any other action regarding Spungen’s death. Vicious’ mother claims that his death was in fact a suicide, as she found a note begging that he be buried with Nancy.



Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

Their love story began in 1989 and the two of them met at the premiere of “Great Balls of Fire”. When they went on their first date, Johnny was 26 and Winona was 17. Winona had never even had a boyfriend before. They went on their first date two months later. The couple got engaged five months after their first date, and Depp even got a tattoo on his right arm that read “Winona Forever.” Johnny and Winona were engaged for three years.

They also co-starred in the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands. In June 1993, the couple announced their engagement was off.

Soon after, Depp had his tattoo altered to read “Wino Forever.”



Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson

They met when she was only 19 years old and he was 22. The fire of their relationship burned so hotly they were destined to extinguish each other. Pam didn’t want Jim to continue his career with The Doors, and she constantly threatened with leaving him if he didn’t abandon the band.


She saw him as a poet who was superior to the band’s music. After recording his last album in 1971, L.A. Woman, Jim left the band and moved with Pamela to Paris, where he devoted himself to his poetry. They spent a few months in peace, until July 3rd of that year, when the Lizard King was found dead in mysterious conditions. The official report stated that he died due to an overdose. Both star-crossed lovers died at the age of 27.

Pamela Courson was a muse who inspired many of Jim Morrison’s songs and poems like “Love Street,” “Queen of the Highway,” or “Twentieth Century Fox.” Pam was the one who encouraged Jim to continue with his poetry –something he truly loved– and publish his two poetry books. Despite the torment and difficult moments in the relationship, they profoundly loved each other.



Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were one of the biggest Hollywood couples of the 1990s. They first met on the set of David Fincher’s dark neo-noir crime thriller, ‘Se7en’, when he was 31 and she was 22. Paltrow said, “When we met to start work on Se7en, playing husband and wife, it was love at second site.

Their love story inspired a song. Canadian singer Shania Twain released the song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” in 1997. They both earnestly thought it would be a good idea to get matching haircuts.

Brad proposed after dating Gwyneth for two years in December 1996. They were totally crazy about each other but six months later, the flame had dimmed.



Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham’s romance is one for the history books. In 1996, Victoria Beckham was at the height of her fame as a member of the girl group Spice Girls. She accompanied her bandmate Mel C to a soccer game, and there she met her future husband, David Beckham. It was a love at first sight. However, the then-Manchester United star had spotted her earlier when a Spice Girls video was on TV, with Beckham telling Gary Neville that Victoria was his future wife: “I turned around to Gary and said, ‘That one there, that’s the girl I’m going to marry’.”

Beckham finally plucking up the courage to ask her for her phone number. He later requested a meeting with her, and while she says, “I didn’t really know who he was. I was never into [soccer]”, she agreed.

Their relationship only got stronger after it became public knowledge, and on January 1998, David proposed with a three-carat marquise-cut diamond ring. After their engagement, Victoria discovered she was pregnant while on tour with the Spice Girls. Their relationship is so inspiring.



Mick and Bianca Jagger

Mick Jagger met Bianca in 1970 through a mutual friend at a party following the Rolling Stones concert at the Olympia in Paris. Maybe it was love at first sight, because both of them started a wonderful relationship. Both of them were seen from everyone as rock’s glamorous couple. Stepping in public always holding hands and in the most amazing outfits, we must say that the world envied them. Within a few months of dating, Bianca was pregnant with their only child, Jade who was born on October 21st, 1971.

The couple married in St. Tropez on May 12, 1971, but before making the vows, two unpleasant moments occurred that almost called off the wedding. First, the day of the ceremony Mick demanded that his bride, Bianca Perez-Mora Macias, sign a pre-nuptial agreement that relinquished her claims to his property if they were to be divorced. Even though she agreed to it she later admitted , “My marriage ended on my wedding day.”

The second reason came as a result that the word found out that they were getting married. Only four photographers were invited, but it turned out that 100 reporters and cameramen showed up at the town hall, which infuriated Jagger. A representative from his camp then argued with the police over the mob scene, threatening to call off the wedding. But the police sided with the press, saying they had a right to be there because it was a public building. After a delay of 90 minutes, Jagger and his bride arrived and the civil ceremony began, with Keith Richards serving as best man.

From there, they went to St. Anne Chapel for a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony, which was followed by a reception for about 200 people at the Cafe des Arts. The newlyweds honeymooned on a yacht near the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia. But the marriage didn’t last the decade, with Bianca filing for divorce in 1978 as a result of Mick’s affair with model Jerry Hall. The divorce was granted a year later, with Bianca believed to have received £1 million in the settlement.



Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese

The couple first met at a vintage-clothing show, but they started dating when Marilyn Manson invited Dita to one of his concerts in January 2001. It was Manson’s birthday and he got a gift from Dita backstage, a bottle of absinthe which they drank it together.

After five years of flamboyant romance, Dita, and Marilyn got married in November 2005 with a lavish ceremony that took place at Gurteen Castle, Ireland. The unconventional wedding and her purple gown were even featured in the pages of Vogue.

Von Teese, appeared in a number of the singer’s videos and on his tracks. Manson’s music and relationships were rarely out of the tabloids and as a couple, they were always in the center of attention.  In an episode of “Kocktails with Khloe”, she admitted, “He was super encouraging,” “There was a lot of cross-over in our careers and he would have that creativeness… he encouraged all of my eccentricities. He did a whole album that was burlesque themed and we made music videos together.

She also admitted the fact that the decision to merry Marilyn Manson led to the demise of their relationship.

“I was with him for seven years, we were married for only a year,” she explains. “I feel like getting married was sort of like the kiss of death for us because it was sort of like the nail in the coffin. I felt kind of obliged to go through with the ceremony in a way.”

During their time together, Von Teese desperately wanted him to change his sleeping hours. But, Manson protests, “I’m my most creative between 3 and 5 a.m. That’s the way I’ve always been.”

He also says that once they tied the knot his wife’s busy schedule kept her away from him, which drove him mad and, he says, caused him to believe that all the faults were his, as she was insisting.

In December 2006, Dita filed for divorce. Nowadays, besides the difficult times, Dita admitted that both of them are now good friends.

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