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HOW TO LET GO OF THE PAST (And Start The New Year)


To close out this year with a clear vision of the intentions and goals you want to set for 2021, we tapped Poppy Jamie, founder of Happy Not Perfect, to share simple ways to kick off the new year with a positive mindset. We’ll let the mindfulness expert take it from here. “Use these tips as a roadmap to set yourself up for more happiness, love, and fulfillment. It’s all about managing your mindset, reframing your focus, prioritizing movement, and repeating this process.…

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Inspiration from Milan Fashion Week Street Style


Give it up for Milan Fashion Week for bringing us some outstanding looks from the what-so-called the second runway. We are talking about street style, which we really missed during New York and London Fashion Week. Though we had the possibility to have a glimpse at some of the street style looks worn by models and influencers outside the venues of New York and London, it still wasn’t that traditional street style thing. When Milan Fashion Week began, we already…

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