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When is the last time you took time to genuinely just play? Jumping on the trampoline, laughing during a game of truth or dare, running around in the park or your backyard, jumping in the pool with all your clothes on, bringing out your favorite board game—the list of ideas goes on. What matters most is finding a playful outlet that brings a smile to your face. We tend to refer to the word “play” with children. They have their…

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Hacks to Live in the Moment


“It’s another one of those days,” you tell yourself when you can’t seem to focus or run your schedule smoothly. The good news is that outside factors only control you as much as you allow them to. Beyond that, you have the power to direct your day. Following some simple steps can help you attain that top-of-the-morning feeling to give you the clarity to seamlessly navigate the day. Preparing physically, mentally, and energetically is critical. Proactively approaching your morning with…

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