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The first thought that came to my mind as soon as I saw this Isabel Marant striped sweater, was this outfit, entirely brought in a combination of French stripes and British army style. There is nothing more inspiring then combining two of my favorite styles. Once I saw the sweater, I thought of my leather jacket, this nice hat which has always been my style and which I have worn quite often and my Isabel Marant boots. I had saved…

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Some years ago, when I was a teenager, during a trip toBarcelona with my friends, ​​we decided to visit the Salvador Dali museum in that city. I had heard about this painter before, as well as about many other artists of his kind, but I had never been duly informed about the art of painting, by that age. In that museum, you could find a lot of his paintings and even photos. The paintings were surrealistic and one had to…

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LA woman in the afternoon


The LA look has been one of my earliest inspirations, since when I used to listen to “The Doors” music. Whenever I listened to their songs, I imagined I was wearing and old T-shirt, I was on a trip and I had just stopped by a gas station in the middle of nowhere, just like we have seen on many movies or magazine and TV adverts. Well, that’s just in my imagination… but I don’t know why, I have always…

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