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Why Are All the It Girls Obsessed With The Cartier Panthère Watch?


The Cartier Panthère is effortless, classy, and cool. She’s the It girl. She is the moment. But when the timepiece was launched in 1983, the Panthère first found A-list traction among It boys. Pierce Brosnan rocked it with a blowout and a pinky ring. Charlie Sheen’s character in Wall Street (1987) wore one to perfectly complement his slicked-back ’80s-finance-guy hair. Keith Richards enhanced his androgynous rock star appeal with one, and I could totally see Harry Styles following suit. (Somebody patch me into his stylist.)…

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A Christmas scent


We still have a few more days until Christmas to finish once and for all purchasing gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes we run out of ideas and spend days trying to find the perfect gift, or we like to let things until the last minute and rush immediately to the stores and get the presents. In order to make things a bit easy for all of you, in our previous posts, we have listed our ideas that would make…

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