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Iconic Bridal Beauty Looks


There are definitely two big moments in the life of every woman: her wedding and giving birth to her children. Despite the fact that organizing your own wedding can be quite stressful and sometimes even exhausting, there are also a few details which make it quite enjoyable, like choosing the wedding dress and your beauty look. Every year, many designers present their bridal collections which can help any woman to be inspired about her big day. Maybe you wish for…

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100 Years Of The Wedding Dress


A woman’s desire to get married becomes her lifetime mission if she has found her soulmate and he has put a ring on her finger. With all the preparations that a wedding ceremony requires, the wedding dress is essential for a woman. We must say that it is the most important part in a wedding, because the bride wants to be at her best and make everyone admire her look. When we think about wedding dresses, many images come to…

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Red-carpet wedding-dress inspiration


In Spring there is a tendency among women to get married during this period. If you look closely at the most important websites about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, you will notice many articles regarding marriage, wedding gowns, bridal accessories, engagement rings and so on. Without no doubt, spring is the perfect time to getting married, but it is no easy task planning your wedding day. There are millions and millions of things that need to be done according to your…

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