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Essential Things to Buy While in Self-Quarantine


If you haven’t already gone to the grocery store to buy things you need during this period, it is important to realise that you do not need to buy everything possible from the supermarket. We have seen many pictures and videos posted on the social media accounts, with almost empty supermarkets, where the toilet paper is the first item missing.

It’s like everyone has bought things for an entire year. But they do not realise that there are people out there, mostly elderly people, who can’t afford to buy many things and those people are currently faced with products missing from supermarkets, as they are out of stock.

It is important to make a list of the products that are only essential during this period and not take hundreds of quantities for each.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Experts have pointed out that consuming Vitamin C is very important to boost your immune system. So, lemons and oranges are essential, but if you can’t buy tons of them because you want to avoid going to the supermarket very often, you can take them as supplements.

You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as long as you pick the ones that last longer.

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Dry goods

Think of the things that are easy to cook and can last: rice, beans, cereals and pasta should be on your list. Nuts are also a good option and you can consume them in the afternoon.

Canned Food

Although canned fruits and vegetables may not be that tasty compared to fresh ones, still they are a good option while in self-quarantine.

Frozen goods

You should think about your freezer as well. You can buy chicken strips, sausages and even ice cream, as you need a delicious companion this period.


We know that you are used to drinking coffee or tea in the office or at the bar, but this isn’t the situation. Add coffee and tea to your list and enjoy drinking them at home.

When it comes to tea, you can also make your own homemade tea. Look for some recipes online and buy the necessary ingredients.

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For many, this is not an easy period. While in self-quarantine, you might be craving for junk food. Do not limit yourself and buy some snacks in the supermarket.

Cleaning and hygiene supplies

This period requires following a severe hygiene routine. Buy soaps which are essential, laundry detergent, toilet paper and dish soap.


Though supermarkets and drug stores will stay opened during this period, it is better you take the medications you need.

Baby supplies

Get the necessary things for your baby, like diapers, baby food etc.

Pet supplies

Don’t forget about your pet.

If you want to avoid waiting in the line at the supermarket or going out, you can always opt for online shopping. Many supermarkets will start offering this service so it is better that you use their online service and you can stay safe at home.

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