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The Engagement Ring


Classic or unconventional? You never know which engagement ring is perfect until you see it in your finger and it is love at first sight.

Diamonds are said to be the ideal choice, and there is a funny story on why men tend to propose with diamond rings.

According to the eyeofjewelry.com: In a 1977 De Beers commercial, we see the edited black and white video of a couple on a beach. The beach and their home look like it could be straight out of the Hamptons or Cape Cod, places that are considered as symbols of wealth and status. The only color throughout the filming is when the man proposes with a gold solitaire diamond ring, a De Beers ring. We then hear the narrator say (and see the words on the screen):“How else could two months’ salary last forever? A diamond is forever. De Beers.” Not only are they highly romanticizing the need for a diamond, but they are already putting a price tag on it. Men are being told what to spend and women are being told that this is what they need in order to get engaged and have a loving relationship.

But a whole lot has changed since then. Diamonds are not the only ones women want, as the desire for emerald, sapphire, or pearl engagement rings has risen. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring for example is made of 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. Soon after Kate Middleton and Prince Harry announced their engagement back in 2010, women only desired for sapphire engagement ring.

Ariana Grande proved that diamonds and pearls are a great combination when put together in a ring.

Even though we are living in a world that is constantly changing, some things remain the same and that is the desire of being proposed with a diamond ring. As much as we love stones, a diamond ring is classic, it is forever and it is a girl’s best friend.

If you are in that exact period of your life where you want to move on with the next phase in your relationship, we give you some ideas on what would be the perfect engagement. You should probably start giving some hints to your partner…

De Beers The Promise small round brilliant diamond ring.
Courtesy of the brand


De Beers Aura cushion-cut diamond ring
Courtesy of the brand


The Tiffany® Setting Engagement Ring in 18k Rose Gold
Courtesy of the brand


Tiffany Soleste® Emerald-cut Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band
Courtesy of the brand


Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée solitaire 0.30 ct EVVS2


Van Cleef & Arpels Bonheur solitaire 0.30 ct EVVS2


Cartier Solitaire 1895 Emerald ring
Courtesy of the brand


Chopard For Ever Ring
Courtesy of the brand


Harry Winston The One Oval-Shaped Diamond Micropavé Engagement Ring
Courtesy of the brand


Graff Promise Oval Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
Courtesy of the brand


Graff Promise Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Piaget Passion Engagement Ring Courtesy of the brand

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