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ENERGY HACKS Everyone Should Know

Every day hits different when it comes to energy levels. There are some activities that are mindful and require no energy, activities that exert little energy, and then the ones that demand high levels of energy (people who love lazy workouts will probably skip the last category).Effort levels aside, we’ve gathered the best hacks for boosting your energy when you just don’t have the grit to get over your afternoon lull or even out of bed in the morning. Plus, for when you do have the time to slow down and journal or do weekly meal prep. Read further to find out our favorite things to do that help recharge your mind and body batteries (all separated by zero to high levels of effort).


Acts that require zero energy:
Give yourself permission to take a five-minute break
Practice being kind to yourself (shut out self-deprecating thoughts)
Brainstorm what you can do for yourself as far as the present by setting goals for your future
Eat something quick and easy
Call someone you love
Watch re-runs of your favorite show
Listen to your favorite song


Acts that require low energy:
Make a cup of matcha
Brush your teeth
Answer your emails while you’re still in bed
Walk around the block
Make plans to do workouts that require more energy than a walk around the block
Water your plants
Do one selfless act


Acts that require middle to high energy:
Pick out a trendy outfit and do a little glam
Deep dive into some chores that take up a good chunk of your time
Meal prep for when you don’t have the energy to meal prep
Channel your inner child and have a creative moment by writing a short story
Do 10 burpees
Find a new thing to be passionate about


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