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Beauty Products You Should Never Share


They say sharing is caring, but when it comes to sharing beauty products, we are faced with a big problem: infection.

Somehow we are used to the idea of sharing almost everything with our girlfriends or mom like clothes and make up products. This is a habit I stopped doing when I passed my teen years, because I became more and more aware of the importance of taking care of my own skin. So, check below for some of the beauty products I share with nobody and keep in mind that skincare is very important.


Eye make up 

The first products I don’t share are the makeup products that are applied in the eye area including mascara, eye-shadows, eyeliner, eye pencil and eye primer. You know why?

Sharing these products can put you at risk of bacteria, or it can cause allergies and believe me I’ve been there. I suffered from pinkeye for more than e week and I had to take medications to heal my eyes.




Forget sharing your brushes, sponges, even the lash curler and the tweezers. Oh yes, you can get an infection even from sharing the lash curler and tweezers with your friends. So avoid sharing any type of application tool that is in direct contact with your eyes, face, lips and neck. If you want to protect yourself from the infections, I would advise you take your make up tools when you go to the hairdresser, because I have noticed that many of them don’t use clean brushes or sponges. Who knows how many times they have used those tools on different faces without cleaning them!



Anything in a jar

First of all, I would recommend you buy only creams that don’t require dipping your fingers into the jar. You know why?

If you share your moisturizer or any other cream with a friend or your mom, dipping and re-dipping your fingers into the jar, even if you have cleaned your hands, bacteria is still there. So when your friend uses the product, probably she will transfer bacteria and germs into the cream.




Lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm

As much as we love each other’s lip glosses or lipsticks and we are willing to try the color on our lips, we are unconscious on the risk we are taking by using each other’s lip products. Oh yes, as much as I don’t want to admit it, but sharing the lip gloss, lipstick or the lip balm is also very harmful, because every product that directly touches the lips can become a source of infection. If you suffer from herpes or any minor viruses, the usage of the same lip product by you and your friends can spread the infection.



Face cleansing brush

If you have a face cleansing brush, like the Clarisonic one, NEVER share it with your friends or mom, if you don’t want someone else’s bacteria or germs in your pores. Remember to always clean the brush after you have finished the cleansing process.




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