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AT-HOME REMEDIES to Help Prevent Your Neck from Aging


Hands, knees, chest … and neck are all sneaky areas of the body where aging can be a dead giveaway. The delicate skin reflects the wonderful life you’ve lived, including relaxing time in the sun, the hard work you’ve accomplished with your hands, and time you’ve spent on your phone bonding with friends and family from afar (downside: tech neck). These are all things to be grateful for—you’ve earned the beauty lines (consider them memories).

That said, there are at-home ways to prevent early signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone) and protect the thin skin so you can look the age you feel. We’ve covered anti-aging tips for your hands, and ahead we’re adding to the list with remedies to help keep your neck looking and feeling taut.


Apply daily sunscreen.
Not to sound like a broken record here, but when you apply your sunscreen each morning, be sure to include your neck (and hands). Load up on the SPF to prevent harmful damage from the sun.


Energize your skin with a face and body roller.
Massage your neck (and face) for up to 30-45 seconds in up-and-back, left-and-right motions using Zena Foster’s high roller. The tool, designed with 30 massaging germanium stones, can help release muscle tension (ahh, lymphatic drainage), rejuvenate the skin, and increase blood circulation, which helps promote anti-aging. For best results, daily use is encouraged.


 Wear a neck patch.
Made of medical-grade silicone, these hydrating patches help lock in and retain moisture, which can reduce the visibility of fine lines and keep future wrinkles at bay. Wear one overnight or while you’re working from home and see the anti-aging benefits after just one use. Rinse the reusable patch with water and store it in the zipped storage shield for your next use (you can wear it up to 10 times).


Use thick face creams on your neck.
One of Kourt’s signature skincare hacks is using face creams and serums that are too thick for her face on other parts of her body, like the neck. It’s a great way to avoid being wasteful and keep your skin healthy and moisturized—a little extra TLC never hurts.


Be mindful of the pattern you apply products.
As we mentioned above with the roller tool, it’s important to moisturize and gently apply products up and back, never pulling the delicate skin downward. A simple reminder that you want to go against gravity to lift and tighten the area.


Use a hydrating clay mask.
The next time you mask your face, brush the mixture on your neck as well. Try this 100% plant-based hydrating powder-to-clay formula to restore radiance. Thanks to regenerating ingredients and nourishing essential oils, it also encourages cell turnover to even tone.

Incorporate an anti-aging skincare routine (beyond your face).
We made this one easy with Living Libations’ three-piece bundle. The products help reduce the harmful effects of environmental elements on the skin and soften the appearance of scars, spots, fine lines, and uneven skin texture.


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