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I Hurt Myself Today…


They used to call him “Man in Black” because he always wore black clothes. Johnny Cash was and will always remain a great artist, whose songs have had such a huge impact in the evolution of music. His lyrics could touch everyone’s soul and his music was so deep that even the most cold-hearted could fall in love with it and with his profound voice.

For this photoshoot I was inspired by Johnny Cash, by his music and personal style. While the camera was shooting, I was listening to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

This photoshoot is so personal and as such I can better explain myself and think deep. The empty chairs symbolise the places in our heart, which sometimes are empty and other times are full, because in the journey of life, in the end, we are all lonely passengers.

I really enjoy the idea that my photos always provide details that not many people can see in and that they have a special meaning.

Photographer: Edvina Meta

Make Up by: G Studio

Outfits: Delirium Shop Albania and NakedCashmere

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