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Activities to Do with Your KIDS THIS SUMMER

Since we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, many traditional summer activities are currently eliminated. This leads us to share things you can do with your kids this year to ensure they have a memorable and playful summer experience. Parents, we’re taking some of the planning pressure off your hands because we understand we could all use a break wherever we can right now. Consider this your summer 2020 kids activity guide.

Note from Kourt: she finds it helpful to have a few scheduled activities throughout the day.

Take a pick from our curated list below and let the summer fun begin.

DIY activities:

Messy? Sure, but it lends a creative outlet for your children to express their artistic skills.Make our all-natural playdough.

Paint old T-shirts and sneakers.

Have a tie-dye DIY afternoon (try this non-toxic option).

Make homemade slime (one of P’s favorite activities).

Outdoor activities:

Keep your kids active while they enjoy a healthy (but safe) amount of vitamin D.Go on a family bike ride.

Plant trees together. Kourt and her children joined a day with @futureearth to help plant trees with @treepeople_org. Research where you can get involved in your area to teach your young ones the importance of taking care of our planet.

Teach your kids to garden and encourage them to use their green thumb.Plan a scavenger hunt in your backyard where your kids have to find something that symbolizes every color of the rainbow. You can even make it a soft competition, and whoever wins gets a prize—the prize could even be “winner gets to pick what to eat for dinner.”

Throw it back to old-school fun like chalking the sidewalk. Teach them how to create a hopscotch board. This one’s a bonus for parents as it will burn some energy for the day.

Have a backyard campout and watch a movie in a tent or homemade fort. Plan a full evening of it and make s’mores and a bonfire if you’re able.

Go on nature walks and use this app to identify and learn about different plants and flowers.

Spend the night star gazing. Buy this green laser light to help scope, aim, and point at different stars. You can also download this kid-friendly app to learn more about star charts.

Introduce them to roller skating (just be sure to arm them with elbow and knee pads).

Mind-strengthening activities:

Your kids won’t even realize they are keeping their brains sharp while engaging in these projects.Create a vision board using items from around the house.

Journal things they’re grateful for.

Spend the afternoon volunteering. Start them early when it comes to giving back to the community. Let your kids pick an organization they’d like to learn more about and make a plan to volunteer there (or get involved however you can) at least once a month.

Build a puzzle and have them work on it for a set amount of time.


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