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A Sweet Escape in San Francisco


If you are planning a sweet escape this weekend, consider San Francisco, because the best time to visit this city is actually the fall. When a person thinks of San Francisco, a giant international orange-colored bridge, a park spanning more than 1,000 acres or a city where contemporary art and culture collide often come to mind.

Everyone loves San Francisco. For one thing, it’s super easy to get around. City center districts like North Beach or the Tenderloin are walkable and full of character. There’s plenty for culture lovers to adore as well and there’s a whole lot of things to do and places to visit in San Francisco.

So, make sure to bring a comfy pair of walking shoes and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.


San Francisco Bay

Everywhere you look is magnificent and majestic. The only way to get the most of the bay if you are visiting on a short time is to take a boat cruise. Fun shops, attractions restaurants and so many things to do! Great views and photo opportunities as well! This spot is good for all ages.



Union Square

This historic square should be your starting point for San Francisco. Start with an expresso and croissant. Surrounded by trendy, luxury shops and restaurants, Union Square is a must see on your San Francisco trip.



Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel of engineering and one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. Connecting San Francisco to the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, a stunning symbol of the city is 1.7 miles long and spans 4,200 feet across the Bay. Enjoy breathtaking views while walking, biking or driving under the iconic orange towers and across the bay on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.



Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is a very large beautiful park in the heart of the city. There is the Academy of Sciences, Aquarium, De Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, Botanical Garden, the AIDS memorial garden etc. You could easily spend more than one day here. Don’t miss this! Lovely place to walk amongst trees, birds and lakes.



Alcatraz Island

Rich in history, there is also a natural side to the Rock—gardens, tide pools, bird colonies, and bay views beyond compare. This is a must see. Alcatraz is such a great opportunity for history, stories and photos.



Baker Beach

While San Francisco isn’t known for being a beach town, the city’s Baker Beach is often considered one of the best in California. Baker beach is not only a lovely beach, but also a great place to get a different perspective of the iconic bridge. When you visit the baker beach, you are able to feel freedom. Also, you are able to release your mind when you see great landscape on the beach.



San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

If you are in San Francisco and you love art, Museum of Modern Art is a must. Besides seeing and enjoying great exhibitions (permanent and temp), you get much more added value in the way the museum presents art. You learn a lot on Art movements, artists themselves and mainly you start to understand what is in an artist’s head when he draws his painting as well as you see what makes a painting a piece of art.




Cable Car

Chances are you’ve seen a television show, movie, postcard or some type of San Francisco memorabilia emblazoned with the city’s iconic cable car or trolley. Everyone who visits SF should hop on the cable car at least once! It’s a truly historical experience and it’s just fun! The iconic cable cars are part of the famous beauty the whole world seems to love about San Francisco.



Painted Ladies

Painted ladies are Victorian style houses beautifully colored. They are located in a clam region of San Francisco. Neat seeing iconic houses from many movies and TV shows and it is definitely worth seeing while you are in San Francisco, if you appreciate the pop culture references.

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