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7 Wardrobe Resolutions You Need For 2021


2020 gave us plenty of time to think about our choices and the changes we need to make. All those months spent in lockdown made us realise what really matters in life.

Now that 2020 is about to end, we need to make a few more changes in our daily life, so that 2021 can begin with new dreams, new ideas and new desires.

One of the many things that we realised during quarantine is the fact that all those clothes kept in the wardrobe had no value at all. Quarantine was perfectly spent in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

We are all guilty about the decisions we have made for purchasing certain pieces, but now it is time to take into consideration the steps below.

  1. Don’t buy something for just one occasion

You don’t need to buy something just because you have to go to a friend’s birthday, a baby shower or to a Christmas party. Instead of purchasing something new, try to add in your wardrobe dresses that you’ll use in different occasions. Recycle is crucial in this moment.

  1. Don’t keep something that you haven’t worn in years

What’s the point in keeping a dress or a top if you haven’t worn in it years and you’ll never wear it again?

There are plenty of non-profit organizations where you can donate your clothes and help someone that really needs them.

If you are not personally attached to that piece of clothing, donate it.

  1. If you buy something, you should get rid of something else

If you are planning on keeping an organized closet with the necessities only, follow this simple rule: if you buy something, get rid of something else that you don’t need anymore.

  1. Try to discover independent brands (small businesses) and buy from them

During the pandemic small businesses were hit the hardest. Some of them filed for bankruptcy while others are still standing even though they are facing many difficulties. So, make something good out of it and focus more on these small businesses and purchase from them. These businesses nowadays are offering eco-friendly pieces that come in sustainable packaging.

  1. Devote in the clothes you already have

If your clothing has some sort of a flaw, don’t get rid of it immediately. It is better to fix things then re-buy the same thing. Devote in your wardrobe by fixing them again in your local community seamstresses or send them to specific companies that handle these matters.

  1. Keep only what is necessary

You don’t need to follow every possible trend out there. If you want to have a proper wardrobe, then you need to be minimalistic in your choices. Only buy what is necessary, the rest is just you, spoiling yourself with unnecessary things that will only last for a season.

  1. Never buy or keep something that does not suit you

When you are trying on different clothes ask this question to yourself: Am I going to wear this piece more than one time?

If you picture yourself wearing that piece multiple times, then make it yours, if you have doubts about it, just leave it there.


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