Zayn Malik deleted every photo from his Instagram account


Zayn Malik took a page from his good friend Taylor Swift pre-Reputation release and just deleted every single photo on his Instagram page—including every photo he had on there of his new ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Spring cleaning or a clear sign his second album is imminently dropping? Time will tell us all.

Pop over to his profile today though, and it has no posts. Hadid, who followed and liked an Instagram of his after their breakup, is still following him though although he hasn’t followed her back since the day their breakup was announced. Hadid has also kept all her Malik Instagrams up.

Unlike Swift, who purged all her social media profiles before releasing her new album, Malik’s Twitter has not been erased though. His breakup statement with Hadid remains up there.

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“Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship, and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend,” Malik wrote. “She has such an incredible soul. I’m grateful to all of our fans for respecting this difficult decision and our privacy at the time, we wish this news could have come from us first. We love you all. xZ”


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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