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When I want to be different or give my clothes an extravagant and special boom, I decide to put on Zanotti shoes or sandals because they always make the difference and ask for a simple outfit. I remember when I first bought my Zanotti; I was looking for something special for a TV show when a shopkeeper told me: “If you are really looking for a pair of shoes that can make for your most precious accessory, go for Zanotti shoes. If you put them on, you will not be in need of a special outfit anymore. In fact, the shopkeeper was right. He was actually doing his job on praising the shoes but the truth is that what he said was so beautiful and struck me. What these sandals needed was only a simple outfit, like the one I am wearing from Zara. I have combined it with a Zanotti bag which you can now find at Delirium shop. That was all I needed to have an extravagant and at the same time chic look. My glasses are from Dsquared whereas the ring, a very nice and girlish one, is from Tous.

Photography Geljant Kaleci

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