You’re Going to Be Able to Keep Up with the Kardashians For At Least Five More Seasons


With three Kardashian-Jenner babies on the way, the family at the center of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has plenty of familial drama (and various industries) to conquer still. Which is why it makes sense that their contract with E! has just been extended through 2019 — five seasons, for a cool $150 million.

You might think that after ten years of the constant filming, tabloid drama, and abundant lawsuits, one of TV’s most famous families might want to cool it. But as they’re earning a reported $30 million for each season’s cycle — which is $10 million more per season than they’d been making — despite recent ratings falling, it makes sense for the growing family to want to cash in.

One person in particular is raking it up: Matriarch and family manager Kris Jenner reportedly landed $15 million just for herself as part of the deal. The rest will be split among the various family members, and now the rest of the world will wonder what they’d do with that kind of money.




From: Cosmopolitan

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