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Young Designer Accuses Moschino Of Copying Her Entire Collection, And The Photos Speak For Themselves


When it comes to fashion, there is a very thin line between inspiration and plagiarism.

Recently, a famous fashion house Moschino was accused of stealing another artist’s work, and the similarity between the two is undeniable.

Edda Gimnes, a young London-based designer took to Facebook to share her disappointment after seeing Moschino’s latest collection. In her Facebook post, she claims that the famous fashion house copied her work without her permission. What makes it even worse is that about a year ago she met someone from Moschino and showed them her work, which makes the entire situation even more shady.

Quickly following her post, designer Jeremy Scott, and the creative director behind Moschino took to Instagram to deny the allegations and said that his collection was entirely inspired by previous Moschino’s collections.


She also added some comparisons (Gimnes’ work on the left, and Moschino’s on the right), which are truly similar

Jeremy Scott, a designer and a creative director behind Moschino, quickly responded to her claims

“Normally I do not address gossip or questions about my inspirations but I feel I need to defend myself against untrue accusations”

Jeremy Scott denied copying Gimnes’ work by sharing a series of different looks from previous Moschino’s collections

This situation quickly sparked a discussion online where most of the people defended Gimnes saying she should sue Moschino for clearly copying her work

Yet somebody claims that this type of textile design has been done decades ago and Gimnes’ is not the first one to create it

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