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Workout Hacks for STRONGER ABS


We’re all for sharing convenient shortcuts in life, like simple ways to focus on your wellness and beauty hacks everyone should know. Today we’re adding to the list and sharing workout tips for stronger abs in a short amount of time. From our two-week ab challenge to affordable at-home equipment that will help sculpt your stomach, take your core exercises to the next level with these helpful hacks.

• If you’re having a hard time getting back into your fitness routine, start by setting small goals each day. We made this one easy with our two-week ab challenge.

• Roll up a towel and place it under your back while you do reps of classic sit-ups. This can help engage your core and elongate your muscles.

• Use an exercise ball to help with balance and strength.

• End your workout with 10 minutes of fat-burning moves. Here are some of our favorites you can do at home.

• Wear ankle and wrist weights while you do reps of leg lifts. Don’t forget to use your arms too, and try to touch your toes during each lift.

• Prep a post-workout meal using these foods that can help burn fat and flatten your stomach.

• Put on your favorite song and do flutter kicks until the track is over.

• Turn out your legs and rotate your knees while doing leg exercises like lifts. This trick opens your hip flexor muscles and allows you to strengthen your lower abs.

• Intensify your core with the help of these $12 sliders. If you’re really up for a challenge, add your ankle and wrist weights while you slide back and forth.

• To further tone your lower abs, revisit the old-school trick of lying down on the floor, with someone standing behind you, and hold the other person’s ankles while they push your legs down. Repeat this as many times as your core can take it.


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