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If you go for regular massages, get facials, or maybe even do acupuncture but have never been cupped … let us be the first ones to tell you—you’re missing out. There’s so much more in it for you than those circular marks left behind that announce to everyone in your yoga class that you holistically take care of yourself. This ancient modality in traditional Chinese medicine is chock-full of visceral benefits. And now you can do it at home.

For those unfamiliar with the practice, cupping is when specialized, well, cups are placed on various areas of the body, creating localized suction on the skin and tissues below, like muscle and fascia. It encourages blood flow to the area, helping to move stagnant energy, relieve pain and inflammation, promote relaxation, and melt away tension.

Improved blood flow to tight, tense areas of the body can help our natural detoxification processes as well. That’s because fresh blood carries oxygen and nutrients to areas that have not been receiving great circulation and also because the deep-tissue-massage-like pressure of the suction from the cups can help release lactic acid—so fill that cup (with water) after to wash away that which no longer serves you!



On the chest

When we have poor circulation and lymphatic drainage in the chest area, we can feel puffy and sluggish. Chest cupping not only helps with that but can also help open up the lungs and allow you to breathe a little easier. Place the cups along the upper chest on each side of the breastbone and below the collarbone. You can even place cups along the lower ribs to help open up the diaphragm.

On the hips

We hold so much tension in our hips from stress, emotional build-up, and too much sitting, walking, running, and more. Lay on your stomach and place the cups in the center of the hips and the lower back area along the tailbone, the sides, and in between.

On the legs

This is great for our fitness girlies. Post-workout soreness can be a real drag after leg day. Cupping is perfect for that and for reintroducing healthy circulation after a long day on your feet. Place the cups on your quads, hamstrings, or the sides of the thigh (from the knee up) to let them work their magic.

For all three areas of relief, you’ll want to make sure the cups are at least an inch apart. Bonus if you have a friend who can help you apply them to tense shoulders along the upper back! Press on the button, hold briefly, and release to feel that pull. Leave on for 15 minutes, and press down again on the button to slowly lift them off. And just like that, your at-home wellness cup runneth over.


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