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Why patches are the new wellness innovation you need to know about


Quick, convenient, and easy to use, patches are the new wellbeing product everyone’s suddenly interested in. Victoria Health, which stocks A-list acupuncturist Ross Barr’s patch range, says that his products are consistent bestsellers and, after being flagged on This Morning earlier this year, they continue to sell in the thousands. CBD brand Kloris were also surprised to see that their patches surpassed many of their other offerings catapulting them into the position of hero product.

“The patch popularity is continuing to grow. People just love the ease and directness of them and for anyone that’s confused with the dosing of CBD drops, the patch takes that out of the equation,” explains Kim Smith, co-founder of Kloris.

Targeted to specific needs and results, whether you struggle to sleep, need to de-stress or re-energise, or are looking for a natural remedy to alleviate period pain or muscle ache, there’s likely to be a patch that will perform for you. And, using a tried and tested delivery system with the science to back it, the slow release of ingredients ensures that you’ll be drip fed the benefits all day (or night), so they won’t wear off after an hour or two.

“They’re not more or less effective than topicals or supplements, but they can be a beautiful compliment to them,” continues Smith. “They can also be the most suitable option for some people because they are transdermally absorbed meaning that they bypass the liver and digestive system.”

Others argue that patches are superior to other forms of supplements. Tests by Vitamin Injections London, who have a Vitamin B12, B Complex and D3 and ‘Clarity’ patch in their range, found that the ingredients absorption rate was 90 per cent compared to around 15 per cent via oral supplements.

How do wellness patches work?

The process is twofold. “We use special pressure sensitive matrix technology that incorporates functional active plant compounds into a plant based adhesive polymer matrix. From here, the ingredients are continuously released into the skin and bloodstream within concentrated amounts,” continues Smith.

Besides the transdermal benefits that aid the body, the aroma and what it does to the brain plays a huge part in the success of these stickers. Subtle Energies who have three varieties of Inhalation patch – Blissful Sleep, Rasayana and Aura Protection, stress that the essential oils that are released when applied are another reason they work so well. “They create a constant stream of chemical molecules which in turn generates nerve impulses to the hypothalamus, activating and releasing hormones. These then impact the limbic region of the brain which links to thinking, intellect and emotions, so just a simple inhalation can cause mental, physical and emotional changes,” explains Farida Irani, founder of Subtle Energies.

How do you use wellness patches?

Another win is that they’re effortless. Super discreet, they can be placed anywhere on the body depending what they’re being used for. For example, Ross Barr’s Healing Patches are perfect for combating menstrual cramps when placed on the abdomen while Kloris’ Sleep Support Patches can be popped on the inside of your inner arm or wrist before bed.

They’re also travel friendly and can be discreetly packed without any bulk. Plus there’s zero risk of leakages or spills which can make them a handy accompaniment when flying, especially long haul when you need to factor in some shut eye. Add in that they’re sweat- and waterproof too so you don’t have to worry about showering or going in the water when you’re wearing them and you can see why they’re all the rage.

Are wearable patches sustainable?

Unlike other single-use items that have got a bad reputation, these brands are working hard to be sustainable. Barr’s patches are biodegradable and come in recyclable (and minimal) packaging; Kloris use a biodegradable natural copolymer adhesive and the packaging is made from a sugar beet cellulose alternative to plastic which is biodegrades in three-to-six months and for Subtle Energies it’s a work in progress. “While we use recyclable foil and non-toxic environmentally friendly skin adhesive, the challenge we face the polymer required for sealing the aroma into the patch, but we are working with various companies to help meet these demands,” says Irani.

Fast becoming a respected and popular addition to aid your wellbeing, expect an influx of patches soon. However just like supplements, there will be some that don’t fare as well or simply aren’t as reliable depending on their delivery systems and ingredients list. For now though, these are the ones we rate as top notch, so get sticking…

Healing Patches




Clarity Patches (30 Patches)


From Harper’s Bazaar UK

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