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Where to Take Your Next Vacation Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Planning the perfect vacation takes time and effort. To make the decision slightly painless, follow the L’OFFICIEL guide of 12 vacation sites based on your star sign. Find out where you should book your next vacay based on your zodiac.

Aries: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The energetic fire sign that doesn’t know when to quit. Aries are drawn to high energy and are constantly on the move. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is the greatest location if you’re a fiery Aries. Filled with ATV tours and excursions—A destination to let off some steam.


Taurus: Dubai

True Taureans love all things luxury and comfort. Whether that’s laying on the couch binging their favorite show or taking a self-care day dedicated to expensive skin care. A vacation full of excursions is not for them—no exertion, no chaos, just relaxation. Dubai is in a world of its own. It’s the top city of luxury and a Taurus’ elaborate fantasy all in one.


Gemini: Bali, Indonesia

Geminis are the known socialites of the signs. Able to make a friend on any occasion. But they’re also intuitive and smart-witted. The multi-faceted character also needs something to stimulate the mind. Bali, Indonesia, is the perfect destination for the air sign. Like the Gemini, Bali has two sides. Immersed in scenic greenery and numerous landscapes, but also known for its boisterous nightlife.


Cancer: Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California, is known for its family-like essence. Cancer signs are in touch with their emotions and usually like to stay close to home or at least have a feeling of home. The California city is home to the Disneyland Resort. A place filled with great fun, food, and nostalgia.


Leo: Venice, Italy

Parallel to the Taurus, Leos live a life of luxury—specifically dedicated to themselves. While the lioness zodiac can be a bit vain, they can also find beauty in anything. What better place for a Leo to spend a vacation than Venice, Italy. A city filled with plenty of arts and culture to experience.


Virgo: Barcelona, Spain

Due to the Virgo’s neat and practical nature, spontaneous and disorderly trips will not fly for this zodiac. Virgo travelers try to soak in every detail of their vacation. A destination of learning and culture is best for this strict earth sign, so an enriching trip to Barcelona, Spain, will do the trick.


Libra: Paris, France

Known to be the sign associated with beauty and love, Libras are drawn to locations easy on the eyes. So, Paris, France, is the only reasonable choice for a Libra. The City of Lights is a place of eye-catching architecture and fresh pastries. Libras will feel right at home.


Scorpio: Copenhagen, Denmark

Scorpio knows how to keep the mystery. They keep you guessing and try not to share too much about themselves. A secluded vacation is much more their speed, which is why Copenhagen, Denmark, might be a suitable vacay for a broody Scorpio. They like to indulge in the richness of culture, and Denmark is known for its stunning European architecture—it’s even home to The Little Mermaid bronze statue.


Sagittarius: Grand Canyon, Arizona

A sign that rules travel. Sagittarians love exploring the world. They’re adventurous and always down for a trip and quick getaways. Similar to other fire signs, they’re natural-born thrill-seekers. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and sees thousands of tourists. If you’re a Sagittarius searching for their next adrenaline rush, this one is for you.


Capricorn: London, England

It’s hard to pull a Capricorn away from their daily routines. They deserve a well-needed vacation. However, like any other earth sign, the Capricorn needs structure and options if a plan falls through. City life tends to be their calling. London, England, is a city like no other. Great food, bars, and shopping centers. Plenty of options to keep a Capricorn at ease.


Aquarius: Tokyo, Japan

Aquarius travelers love marching to the beat of their own drum. They’re original and love paving their own path. They’d rather be lost and on the brink of spontaneity if it meant avoiding cheesy tourist attractions. Tokyo, Japan, is unique and filled with many things to do. Tokyo also holds some of the world’s grandest innovations, like the Bullet Train.


Pisces: Machu Picchu, Peru

Pisces are always looking to find inner peace. They are the most spiritual of the zodiacs, so going on a spiritual journey is only fitting. Machu Picchu, Peru, is claimed to house extreme spiritual energy. Tourists often meditate and detox while visiting. Ideal for a Pisces finding their inner self.



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