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When to clean your face during the day


Cleaning the face in the morning and in the evening has become a natural habit since we were little. But despite our skincare routine twice a day, we ask ourselves whether there is another time during the day when our face needs to be cleaned.

The best time to wash the face during the day is before you head to the gym or go jogging. When you work out, you start sweating and if you have makeup on, you will end up mixing your sweat with the makeup, and that will only cause problems to your skin. While you are sweating, your pores become more vulnerable to the dirt or the impurities that surround the environment and that can irritate your skin, especially when you have applied foundation, because the skin absorbs it. For such reasons, acne or pimples will show up and your skin might suffer from redness because of the impurities it has absorbed.

If you do not have enough time to wash your face at home, because of your busy schedule during the day, bring the cleansing gel with you or use cleansing towelettes as they are more convenient, especially when you have decided to go jogging.


By Enxhi Tufina


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